Lunch served 12-4pm everyday

Small Plates


Olives 4.5

In chilli & Garlic [vg][gf]

Thai Prawn crackers 4.5

Sweet chilli [mcg]

Vegetable spring rolls 6.5

Sweet chilli 6pcs [vg]


Padron peppers 6.5

Soy, lime miso, sesame [vg][gf available]

Tenderstem 6.5

Chargrilled broccoli, kecap manis [vg][gf available]

Popcorn cauliflower 9

Tempura cauliflower, spiced cream sauce [vg]

Halloumi 9

Thai basil salsa verde [v][gf]

Saké rice balls 9

Panko fried rice balls, cheese, sweet soy, saké, wasabi mayo


Karaage 10

Gochujang glazed fried chicken, spiced cucumber

Char sui 11

Cantonese bbq pork, steamed rice, spring onion [gf available]

Chicken Satay 9.5

3 pcs skewer

Duck spring rolls 8.5

Three home made spring rolls, hoisin 


Szechuan garlic prawn 11

3 pcs skewer [gf available]

Salt & Pepper squid 10

Freshly prepared crispy squid,  zesty mustard aioli

[v] vegetarian

[vg] vegan

[gf] gluten free

[mcg] risk of gluten contamination


Poke Salad [vg]10.5

Healthy poke salad bowl, avocado, rocket, spiced Chinese cucumber, pickled daikon, mango salsa, pico de gallo, steamed rice, toasted sesame, soy sauce, lime miso mayo. [vg] [gf available]

Choose a protein.

Halloumi [v][gf] +4

Barbecue Pulled Pork [gf available] +5

Crispy Chilli Beef [gf available] +6

Sweet potato Falafel [vg][gf available] +4

Salt & Pepper Tofu [vg] +4

Beef Burger16

Homemade 6oz marinated patty, cheddar cheese, bacon pickled gherkin, red onion, rocket,  sriracha mayo, rosemary & garlic skin on fries

Korean Chicken Wrap 16

Fried gochujang chicken breast, smoked bacon, apple & ginger slaw, mature cheddar, salad, rosemary & garlic skin on fries

Teriyaki Burger [vg] 16

Vegetable patty, teriyaki flat mushroom, sesame, rocket, tomato, onion, lime miso mayo, rosemary & garlic skin on fries 

Gochujang Barbecue Bao's 16

Korean barbecue pulled pork, apple & ginger slaw, bang bang sauce

crispy onion, rosemary & garlic skin on fries

Tofu Bao's [v] 16

Crispy salt & pepper tofu, apple & ginger slaw, bang bang sauce

crispy onion & rosemary & garlic skin on fries


Choose white, granary or gluten free,

served with fusion side salad.

Miso avocado, grilled halloumi, thai basil salsa


Bacon, brie & house cranberry or chilli jam


Butchers sausage, cheddar cheese, house caramelised onion


Cheddar cheese, tomato & red onion


Stilton & Bacon